How To become partner

Become a Partner

A partnership is what enables many companies to make continuous improvements. Be part of a thriving online business community that has gained an unmatched position in the industry.

 Be a partner with us to have local support that will allow you to improve your web traffic and eventually achieve great business success, regardless of your industry.

Become our partner, and we will assist you in attaining your marketing requirements in a more effective and simpler manner.

Collaborative relationships are a more readily attainable goal than ever before. We seek to collaborate and establish rewarding relationships with businesses and individuals who are dedicated to delivering solutions to meet customer needs and generate more profit and revenue.

What are the Requirements?

 If you want to become our partner and benefit from our marketing advantage and services, you have to encourage your customers to use the site. By using the website, you also give them the opportunity to find a wide range of services that they can benefit from. You also need to have at least 20 reviews, and you have to offer discount coupon. Those people who use our app, which is the media Lakay that enables you to listen to all your radio stations throughout the Brooklyn area, should also get extra discount. If you are owner of your business, just go and upload your listing on our directory Also you can upload your coupon on in addition to that you will get discount on nvexcorp. Apart from that you can also add your event fliers on Juts got our site and download our app of nvexcorp. ekonnex and medialakay to get advantage of more goodies. 

Why Partner With Us?

How can you be sure that they are going to your company and not to your competitors? Let your targeted customers know that your business exists by collaborating with us. We have thousands of visitors every day and those visitors can find your business when you partner with us.

When you become our partner, we will feature your business and have your banner rotating on our website. With millions of visitors every month, you can be sure to increase your web traffic and expand your target reach. We pride ourselves for being the leader in marketing solutions and when you partner with us, you can reap the benefits connected to our name.

With experience, knowledge and expertise across all media types, Nvexcorp is able to use all necessary mediums to effectively and successfully achieve the marketing goals of all our clients.

We have helped thousands of businesses and individuals to become success with their endeavors and we are committed to bringing the same success to you.

We also deliver more marketing and advertising solutions to help you gain great edge over your competitors. Become our partner today and together, we will help you achieve your business objectives in no time.

We are always looking for new partners and to build collaborative relationships. If you choose to become our partner, we will help you have access to benefits that will enable you to establish a reputable name in the industry.