How It Works

How It Works

Nvexcorp helps promote businesses and their products and services. It promotes business through its online business directory, Nvextory, which receives millions of unique visitors every month. We provide the easiest and the simplest way for you to join our website.

1.       Join the site

Visit our business directory at and join one of the growing communities of successful companies that are able to reach their targeted market and increase their visibility and its sister companies.

2.       Upload your information, Add coupon, Photo

Update and manage your information anytime with full control. Add coupon and photos to make your business more visible online. Upload your banner to circulate on the site.

Help your targeted customers locate your business, with your complete address, which include your phone number, location and URL.

Very simple to set up and easy to manage!

Just upload your business photos, special offers, web links and a more detailed description of your business to attract the interest of your targeted audience.

3.       Tell your customers to find you; ask and add review of your business

Be found by your prospects and customers, drive traffic to your business and promote your products and services by adding reviews to your business and integrating reliable internet marketing services provided by Nvexcorp.

It may sound obvious, but you can’t generate good reviews (at least not legally) unless you have happy customers to write them. Customers who review your business online or talk to others about you are more likely to influence who are searching for services and products like what you offer can consider your company. They can choose you to supply them their needed merchandize or service. Be sure to ask and add only accurate and real reviews from real customers.


Whether you are a business owner, or a professional who wants to establish a reputable name in your own industry, a tourist or a customer looking for a reliable business that can deliver you the right service you need and that will cater to your unique requirements, Nvextory is the ultimate business directory from Nvexcorp to enlist your services and products.