How it works

How do Beacons work?



Our advertisement services cost $25 per beacon per month, and we offer wholesale discounts:

We are happy to introduce a service involving new technology! Choose from one of the following 3 options: 1. What is your favorite beacon? 2. Range and technical information. 3. Payment. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-844-295-0900

Our Advantages


Our service consists of small, easy-to-install-and-use bluetooth beacons that send your advertisements out to anyone in range with a mobile device.


You can use them to give out coupons and deals, and information about your product. All with just a notification on the phone


State-of-the-art technology based on Google’s designs to reach people where their attention already is--their phones!


One beacon can cover an average of 3 to 150 meters, depending on what you wish to use it for. A beacon can work up to 3 years without having to change the battery.


The beacons are sold to you at-cost, ranging from $50-60 each, depending on the look and model.


Our service allows you to control the information transmitted by each beacon on an individual basis.

Nvex Corp Services: How it Works

How to Use Nvex Corp

Beacon Services

  • Our manager will contact with you, after we'll send customized beacons
  • You stick the beacon on the wall, after you can login to system and start with your advertising campaign, setting the URL or the Coupon page
  • Support 24/7 (347) 450-9676,

The Benefits Of Using Our Service

Indoor Navigation

You are at an airport and you are not sure where to drop your bags or which gate your flight departs from. Beacons can navigate you via the airport app.

Efficient Service and Quick Payments

Many times you need to buy something in a rush but the service is slow and you walk away. No more. Beacons allow staff members to work fast and efficiently.

Reduced Waiting Time and Queuing

You want to grab a coffee on your way to work but you want to avoid queuing. Order online on your smartphone while approaching the coffee house.

Proximity Marketing

This is the most attractive part of Beacon technology. It creates a constant and locally responsive billboard right in the palm of your member’s hands. Say your member is walking past your juice bar... they can receive an instant coupon or other incentive in order to drive a purchase. This can be applied to all other areas of your club such as PT, merchandise, and fitness classes. The message would appear on your Club Mobile App.

Personalized Messaging

By interacting with your CRM, the beacon can use information about members to tailor messages to them. If a members has frequented spin classes in the past, the beacon can send a push notification prompting them to sign up for more classes the next time they walk past the spin studio. Similar to today, signing up for the class would be done seamlessly from your Club Mobile App on members' smartphones.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee high quality service and a full refund on both any purchased beacons and the cost of services for the given month, if all purchased hardware is returned. We do not collect or distribute any personal information.