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We create meaningful connections with your audience, delivering a message directly to your prospects’ newsfeeds using Facebook advertising.
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An Award Winning Facebook Ads Agency Brooklyn, New York

Create meaningful connections with your audience using Facebook advertising.


NvexCorp and our facebook expert team can create purchase intent leveraging social media and help you grow very fast. Facebook allows your business to connect your target audience directly and its effective Ad campaigns can help you grow your sales and online presence.

We specialise in facebook and instagram advertising to help brands drive new customers at a profitable cost across Brooklyn, NY.

Get in early, land grab opportunities where your competitors are missing and target those who are ready to buy from you.

With photo, video and Stories ads, there’s a huge opportunity to effectively engage your potential customers.

We personalise and tailor advertising experiences to those who’ve expressed an interest for your product or service and remarket them with effective ads.

We Build Facebook & Instagram Campaigns that Deliver Results

We Build Facebook Campaigns that Deliver Results

Facebook is the largest social media network with 2B+ daily active users. It’s also a cost effective way to get online exposure to potential customers, making it perfect for small businesses in Brooklyn, New York. Our team of Facebook Advertising experts will target the right audience at the right time to increase conversions and generate sales.

Facebook & Instagram Is A Great Place To Get Qualified Leads

We have a wealth of experience in facebook advertising and help you get more leads, growing your sales, get more app installs or simply grow your Facebook following.

We’re based in Brooklyn, New York, but have clients from all over the world. We’re one of the best Facebook Advertising agencies servicing Brooklyn, NY.

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