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Important of Keywords for SEO

Keywords in the most important  for search engines results.

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Search engines are getting cleverer by the month and can now fully understand a users intent from their search query.

The data from keyword research can reveal extremely useful information about consumer search habits which can make a huge difference when planning which keywords to optimise for.

Once we have our top priority keywords,  Gooogle has provided guideance that we should be sure to write website content for real users, rather than for search engines.

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Creativity resonates with your audience and will quickly establish trust and credibility for your brand

Brand doesn’t stop at brochures and mugs, and carefully and faithfully evlove any brands online is our forte

Creativity resonates with your audience and will quickly establish trust and credibility for your brand

How long does it take to start ranking

This depends heavily on your competition and how authoritative your website is. The less competitive your niche is and the higher your existing domain authority, the quicker we will start seeing positive results.

With over a decade of SEO client work under our belt, we are supremely confident in our SEO strategies and as such we generally we start to see organic traffic and conversions growing in 3-6 months.

It is however, important to note that SEO is never ‘completed’. It is an ongoing activity that must be maintained at a consistent level in order to achieve long term success.

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    How do backlinks help SEO

    Backlinks are extremely valuable when it comes to SEO. Each individual link represents a “vote of confidence” to another website, as they are willing to send their traffic to another domain.

    It is imperative to follow Google’s strict guidelines when it comes to link building. Failure to do so can result in severe penalties that will significantly impact your organic visibility.

    This being said, our advice is not to trust Link Building ‘providers’ but instead be sure to seek out reputable, full service SEO agencies to perform planned and targeted link-building campaigns, which simultaneously monitor the impact of each and every link acquired.

    How does SEO help to boost sales

    Google is subject to over 3.5 BILLION searches every single day and this figure is only increasing. When people require a new product or service, Google is more often than not their first stop.

    It is our job to put you at the forefront of these searches. Our robust SEO strategies aim to position your website as high as possible on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Our strategy will focus on your key service pages, utilising a double-edged approach.

    On one hand, we will get these pages ranking for high quality, often high volume, search terms. On the other, we will create informational content to support these key pages which will capture search terms of users slightly higher up the funnel, who are further from making a final purchase decision, before driving them towards the end of said funnel.

    This multi-faceted approach has proved successful time and time again and we would love to set up a meeting and discuss how we can implement this for you.

    How much SEO cost?

    SEO is a bit like buying a car.  They all get you from A to B, but some will get you there a lot quicker!  The larger your budget, the faster we can deliver you results.

    As a guide, for a typical corporate website, with low to medium competition, an SEO retainer will be in the region of £3k-£4k per month.  Highly competitive niches will start to nudge this monthly fee upwards.

    Larger SEO projects for companies with high traffic volumes or larger eCommerce websites and strong competition are usually more time-consuming and therefore require a larger monthly budget.  This can be anything from £8k-£10k per month through to £20k or £30k per month.

    Whatever the size of your business, we offer a range of bespoke packages and with a little bit of upfront analysis, we can work together to see how we can best support you and your business.

    Can you guarantee results?

    This is an almost impossible ask, so be very careful if you hear “We can guarantee page 1 rankings in 3 months.”

    No one can guarantee particular rankings, no matter what claims are made. There is a whole raft of widely varied factors that affect organic rankings – far too many to be able to deliver any concrete guarantees.

    What we promise, however, is that we will do all we can to deliver your business a comprehensive organic development plan that will grow your organic visibility over time.

    Our results speak for themselves – we have achieved amazing top 3 results in some of the most difficult niches out there.  Take a look at our raft of case studies to see how we can help you grow your business.

    How does the process start?

    We begin the entire SEO process with a comprehensive Kick-Off meeting with our clients, which will involve the relevant SEO experts from MintTwist,  your dedicated SEO account manager, and all the relevant parties from the client’s team.

    We are always very happy to host a kick-off meeting at our office in Central London, at your business HQ, or via video call if a face-to-face meeting is not possible.

    This allows us to ask as many questions as possible, in order to gauge a thorough understanding of your business and its products/services, putting us in a fantastic position to help promote your business as accurately as possible in Google.

    Do you only work with in the UK?

    We work with a huge range of clients from across the globe, spanning from New Zealand to the Middle East.

    We have access to an abundance of native speakers, allowing us to produce expertly curated local content.

    Can you help with website migrations?

    Absolutely.  As a full service digital agency means that we regularly build new websites and redesign existing ones, so our SEO team is incredibly experienced when it comes to site migration.

    In fact, it is one of the most requested services that the SEO team has to offer.

    With a decade of migrations under our belt, website migrations no longer need to be a daunting prospect. We have developed a tried and tested process that allows a seamless transition from one website to another, ensuring that the vast majority of rankings and traffic numbers are maintained on the new website.

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