How can I delete my instagram account without a password?


Akanksha Brahmin   •   March 2, 2021

delete your Instagram account without password.

Just like every other social media platform, people undergo several problems on Instagram as well. Some teenagers want to take a break from Instagram due to their exams while others want to completely delete their account because of personal issues. One way or another you may want to delete your account at some point. However, it gets difficult when you forget your account existed and its password flew off your head. In this article, we are going to answer the on-demand question “How can I delete my Instagram account without a password?”

Reasons for Deleting Instagram

Before leaving, you should have an appropriate reason to get rid of Instagram. The platform also offers you the reason, although it varies accordingly/ Some of them can be that they never used their account, have made a new account, or once liked it now they’re bored of it. Moreover, they can be a victim of bullying or harassment or are sick of advertisements on Instagram. Every reason can result in account deletion.

Taking the right decision

It is certainly possible for you to delete your Instagram handle. However, we’ll suggest you not hurry in deleting your account. Hopefully, you’ll find what you have been looking for or you’ll get the fame you want. Nevertheless, if you still want to delete your account, you have to consider that it’ll be permanently erased and the entire information it possesses will be completely lost. You won’t be having anything on your Instagram, nor you can use that username again.

If you just want to take a break then instead of removing you can deactivate your account. As after deactivating, it’ll act as a complete dead account until your account is logged in again. The main difference between both methods is with deactivation you’ll be able to resume your activity and can retrieve the information.

Deleting Instagram without Password

Resetting password

Now, if you have made a decision to permanently delete your account then you’ll be needing two major things i.e your username or password. In case you’ve forgotten your password, you can either try to regain access to your email or phone number this way you’ll get to reset your new password and can easily delete your account.

In any way, if you aren’t able to connect with the account you have registered and you haven’t link your Instagram with Facebook then you can try the following method:

Initially, ask Instagram so that they could help to regain your access. The email provider would be the platform where you have created your email account i.e Gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc. Many email providers can help you regain your access as it comes with their privacy policy that could be helpful if your account is hacked or you have forgotten your password. This could be done by simply logging in to your Instagram and instead of hitting log in just tap of forgot my password. This could lead you to a new window, requesting for a password reset. For doing this, you have to either provide some information or answer your verification questions, which you have set when you have registered your email account.

Deleting your account

There are many reasons for deleting your Instagram. Regardless of our discontinuous rant about thinking and considering deleting your account and instead go towards deactivation. You have reached the conclusion then all you have to do is switch from your smartphone to PC as you can permanently delete your account through mobile phones. On your computer, go to Instagram and log in to your account. After going to the delete tab, they’ll inquire about the reasons for the deletion of your account. After answering that query, you can simply enter your password again. Finally, you have to click Permanently Delete My Account and your account will be deleted permanently.

There! You have it. Following the above method step by step can help you permanently delete your Instagram account without a password. However, don’t forget the core ingredients before going for deletion. The initial essential is email access, without which you can not reset your Instagram password. A personal computer or web device, without which you can not delete your Instagram handle and a strong reason for deletion.